Sur-Fin Chemical Corporation was founded in 1979. Over the years, the company has developed a wide array of products designed to impart a variety of colors/finishes on various metals. These products are known as Patina products. Sur-Fin Chemicals manufacturs perhaps the most diversified and elaborate line of Patinas in the world for Brass, Copper, Bronze, Steel, Wrought Iron, Galvanized Steel, Zinc, Aluminum, Pewter, Tin, and solder. Sur-Fin Chemicals serves a variety of industries such as Lighting Fixtures and Lamps, Fabricators, Wrought Iron Works, Stairs, Fences, Decorative Artworks, Architectural Items, Builders-Bathroom and Cabinet Hardware, Door Handles, Knobs, Locks, Buckles, Electroplating and Sculpture. Additionally, we manufacture unique stainless steel and kovar brite dip for connectors mfrs. Dental Implants mfrs. and other stainless steel items mfrs. Also, we supply sample finishing kits for gun shops and gun owners. Sur-Fin chemicals supports all its clients and prospects by providing thorough technical help in achieving great finishes.Additionally, Sur-Fin laboratory chemists are constantly doing research to develop new finishes for metals.

One of our best features is excellent phone-technical support for any prospective or current customer for any of their projects.

Another of our important features is our shipment of customer orders within three to five working days at the maximum.